Green Spa Practices

Here at Rocky Mountain Day Spa, Boutique & Salon we are "committed to wellness". This mantra not only refers to the personal wellness of our clients & team but also to our commitment to the wellness of our planet! We know that our clients and our team have choices when it comes to visiting a spa or where they work and that choosing a business that is environmentally conscious is important.

To this end, we strive to increase our green efforts in all facets of our business. Below are just some of the ways that we currently look out for Mother Earth:

Go organic We use organic products throughout the spa including products used in services and in our retail selection. Most notable is our skincare line, Eminence Organics and our vegan nail line, SpaRitual. We also avoid products with parabens!

Recycling program We recycle everything that can be recycled here at the spa and provide receptacles throughout the spa for our clients.

Turn it off We avoid leaving lights on for no reason. We use energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs in the spa. We have our hot towel cabbies, steamers and wax pots plugged into power strips so that we can turn everything off with the flick of a single switch. This saves energy!

Reusable shopping bags Fabric bags typically hold twice as much as disposable bags and by using reusable bags collectively, we can work together to keep thousands of bags out of our landfills every year. We also reuse boxes to ship to our customers!

Use recycled material We help to close the loop in the recycling chain by choosing products packaged in or made from recycled paper and plastics. We look for products that have a high recycled content including post-consumer recycled content – the higher the post-consumer content the better.

Wash in cold water We wash in cold water which helps to reduce our carbon emissions dramatically. Whenever possible we choose Energy Star appliances which helps to prevent global warming by promoting cleaner air without sacrificing product quality and performance.

We reduce the number of disposables used everyday—we think before using that extra item that will only end up in our landfills. We choose reusable options where possible: cloth versus paper, washable glasses versus plastic and recycled paper products. All of our paper products including facial tissue, bathroom tissue and paper towels are 100% recycled—this saves trees!

Clean sweep Commercial and industrial cleaning products often contain a brew of toxic chemicals that have the potential to cause injury to those that use them and discomfort for anyone within the products breathing space. We use cleaning products including our laundry detergent that are biodegradable and phosphate free which prevents accumulation in the environment hurting our sensitive rivers and lakes. These products are safer for humans and the environment, plus the scent of non-toxic, all natural cleaners are more inviting to our clients than the smell of bleach and solvents.

Print on recycled paper We print our business cards and brochures on recycled paper which helps to reduce our carbon imprint. We choose to do the majority of our marketing via email and the web, reducing our use of paper. As with many industries, paper mills have traditionally relied on fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas, a process which releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and is the leading cause of global warming. By choosing recycled paper that is made from sustainable growth trees for our marketing materials, we make a difference!

Leave the car We encourage our team and clients to ride their bikes , use the free city bus, walk or share rides to the spa. Some of our bad-ass team ride their bikes throughout the year—through all of our Rocky Mountain seasons! We also choose to buy locally and bulk as much as we can to reduce the carbon footprint of long distance deliveries or frequent trips to the store.

Chill out We adjust our thermostat with the seasons—even by adjusting by 2 degrees reduces our carbon dioxide output by up to 2000 pounds per year!